Industry Partners

A key component of the KidZania experience is the integration of real-world companies to present the city's business and activities

This form of integrated communication partnership enriches each fun activity by creating a more authentic experience. An airline knows best how to train pilots or run an airport. A bank knows best how to teach children about saving and investing. Industry Partners make the experiences possible and, in turn, empower, inspire and educate children. This is an immersive and interactive brand experience, unmatched by any other location-based entertainment property.

For brands, KidZania serves as a sustainable engagement platform where brands get the value of product exposure, brand exposure and experience through branded role-plays. KidZania offers brands unparalleled marketing benefits like exclusivity, experiential marketing opportunity, cross promotions, the venue for events & launches, discounted tickets, product placements, sampling opportunities, research, corporate hospitality, CSR and other benefits to enhance brand value and build loyalty.

If you are interested in learning how your company can become an Industry Partner, please contact us at: [email protected]