What's in it for Adults?

We can’t leave the adults out of all the fun!

Ages Activities for Adult

There's something for visitors of all ages at KidZania India. Research shows that kids are more engaged in activities and likely to succeed in them when their families are involved in the process. We at KidZania, encourage such parental involvement in a child's learning process through the many role-playing adventures available in our indoor theme park.

Every establishment is either open-fronted or has large viewing windows for you to watch your children having fun. As KidZania is predominantly an experience for children, adults are not allowed to enter most of the activities. However, we can’t leave the adults out of all the fun. Begining with a 'parents only' lounge and free wi-fi access to a number of specially curated activities that adults and their kids can enjoy together. 

*Activities for Adults (17+years) are subject to change as we like to keep them new and interesting for visitors. Remember, Adults cannot enter KidZania on their own unless they are accompanying kids. Kindly check with the Information Center on entry to ensure that you have a fun-filled family time at KidZania India.


Sofa Parent's Lounge

Need a special place to relax and unwind? Visit the Pepperfry Parent's Lounge, a specially designated area only for adults where you could simply sit and watch TV, browse the internet, play games or chill and converse over coffee.

The lounge is designed with ample space and complete comfort in mind. Multiple seating options and comfortable couches make your time here pleasant. A football table and pool table ensure that parents too can have their share of family fun at KidZania India. The well-lit lounge also makes for a great place to read your favourite books or spend time online. 

Not in the mood for much activity? Cozy up with a cup of coffee or enjoy delicious food while you spend time in the lounge.

To top it all off, the kids are never too far away thanks to the kiosks in the lounge. Simply scan your RFID bracelet and track your kid's activity in the comfort of the Pepperfry Parent's Lounge at KidZania. 

Parent's Lounge

Roleplay Role-playing Activities


Visitors who want to learn acting grab this opportunity to explore one of the best acting workshops in Mumbai. The Bollywood Acting Academy helps kids learn how to become an actor and perform on stage. During the performances, adults can watch plays in the KidZania Theatre.



Produce and make your own blockbuster animated movie with the newest animation techniques. Visitors learn to make stock-block animation films. Here they are taken through the entire process of making an animation film, right from brainstorming at a story-board level to the final editing.



Children can be a part of an archaeological exploration project at an ancient site. They explore and excavate to find rare artifacts or fossils from prehistoric times.



The Aviation Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to understand the complicated sequence of tasks a pilot completes before, during and after each flight. Whilst onboard, Cabin Crew will learn about in-flight attendant service, from conducting a smooth meal service to demonstrating those famous safety instructions which children have always dreamt of!



Effective logistics is essential in a global economy - businesses and individuals need to be able to rely of getting their goods and documents to the intended recipient as quickly, safely and cost-effectively as possible - this is where you come in! Help keep KidZania's business ticking along and deliver some important and urgent parcels around the city.



Have your kids ever wished to be chefs? They can at KidZania India. At the Culinary School, kids will be trained as Chefs and they will create lip-smacking dishes. They can then consume their creations with friends and family.



Feel the rhythm of the beat as you take part in the dance activity. The dance club allows you to explore your creative side through rehearsing and performing to a live audience.



Train as a Voice Over Artist at our new Dubbing Studio and immerse yourself in the lives of ToonZ characters. Modulate your voice, shift your pitch, reflect confidence, and add zest to your favorite characters as you work in groups to bring the cartoon to life.



Visitors have an opportunity to get their hair styled or style somebody’s hair! Get tips on how to maintain that lush mane.



The Music Academy offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about rhythms, create your own music and how to play the drums. Practise the rhythm play your tune along with the team in front of an audience at the Theatre.



KidZania has its own Police Department and CSI Department to ensure there is zero crime and no laws are broken. With KZPD, the people of city can move around and can go about their everyday lives in safety and security. You are also responsible for investigating and solving crimes, and responding to emergency calls.



Clear your throats and be ready to give it your best shot; for you now are KidZania’s Radio Jockey! Be fun and peppy, and learn the various facets of voice modulations to become the best RJ and record your own show!



Kids and parents can lounge at the Sports Hub or play games. Choose from Pool, Foosball, Mini Golf and lots of Board Games. Parents can join their kids and challenge them to these games here too.



Visitors walk through the steel structure which resembles a life-like construction site overcoming different obstacles and performing different tasks in this activity.



Visitors open their minds to the world of investing and earning more kidZos through a lifelike Stock Exchange developed especially for them. Visitors choose between being a Fund Manager, who’ll be strategically investing funds or an Investor where they make their money work for them over time. Coupled with tests and the interaction with a computer software, visitors begin to understand financial terms, portfolio management, and various asset classes.



Your 30 minutes of fame starts right here! Record an episode of KidZania Dancing Stars at our TV Studio. This fun activity requires a lot of teamwork in which you’ll be surrounded by Hosts, Judges, Editors, Cameramen, and a live Studio Audience (read as parents). Choose your favorite role and let's start shooting.



At KidZania’s University, students can choose a foundation course in Medicine, Management, Engineering, etc., after which they are awarded a certificate and graduation. Visitors apply and get a degree in the form of University Card.



Wall climbing as an activity builds agility, focus, and strength. Visitors learn wall climbing techniques and interact to understand the essential nutrients that help build immunity as they climb atop the wall



Tourist Participate as a Spectator

cart icon1. Z-Mart Supermarket

Join your kid/s as a customer here.


studio icon2. TV Studio

Watch your kids as they role-play as hosts, camera persons and editors.


theatre icon3. Theatre

In case you aren't performing, you can enjoy special Dance, Music and Acting performances here.



academy icon4. Aviation Academy

Watch your kids as they fulfil their dreams of soaring in the skies.



courthouse judge icon 5. Courthouse (Supreme Court)

Be spectators to an exciting case and see how the judge and jury rule front and center.

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