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Activity Description
The activity introduces kids to the concept of 'Sustainable Development’ and empowers them to design one virtually with a choice of sustainable elements. They develop cognitive, eco-conscious design, social skills, and motor skills while gaining a profound understanding of the key design principles which go, into the making of  sustainable development for a greener tomorrow.

20 Minutes

Educational Content

Psychomotor Skills: Visitors develop fine motor skills while using 3D simulation software to create 3D models of sustainable development.
Cognitive Skills: The design process encourages Green Army Architects to pay attention to details and stimulates their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to design a sustainable development.
Emotional Skills: Green Army Architects develop self-confidence and feel a sense of achievement when they understand the positive impact their design can have on the environment. The knowledge acquired empowers them to become sustainability champions for a better tomorrow.
Social Skills: The detailed considerations and knowledge gathered allow them to discuss and share their views on sustainable development with friends and family, making them an advocate of a greener tomorrow.

Kids will have to pay 10 kidZos for this role-play profession.

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