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  • Mural Painter
  • Studio Painter

Activity Description​At DOMS Painting Studio, visitors get to explore their artistic talents with DOMS' exceptional painting & art supplies. From stepping into the shoes of painting artists to trying their hand at mural artistry, they get to explore their creativity, learn new techniques, unleash their artistic potential in a fun and engaging environment while developing essential skills for personal and creative growth.

Activity Duration
20 Minutes


Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: The activity nurtures visitor’s fine motor skills as they create an artwork, focusing on precision within lines.
  • Cognitive Skills: Visitors develop problem-solving skills as they experiment with colours, shapes, and techniques to express their imagination on the canvas.

  • Emotional Skills: Visitors learn to communicate their ideas visually, gaining confidence in their ability to create and innovate.

  • Social Skills: The activity nurtures visitor’s social skills as they paint together on murals, developing communication skills and teamwork.

Kids will have to pay 8 kidZos for this role-play profession.


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