Visitors Explore The Art Of Making The Laughing Cow Soft & Creamy Cheese Triangles

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  • Cheesemaker

Activity Description

The Laughing Cow Cheese Factory encourages visitors to role-play as cheesemakers. The Laughing Cow Cheese Factory will introduce them to various steps of making their favourite:  The Laughing Cow cheese. They have fun, feel the excitement and learn while they explore the art of making their favourite soft and creamy cheese.

This will help them understand the importance of choosing carefully selected raw materials that make The Laughing Cow delicious.

This interaction will also educate children on the importance of a balanced diet and is very inspiring for the young minds.  

The entire activity is well-supervised so that they can follow the rules of the process and enjoy as they learn.

On completing the role-play, the children become The Laughing Cow certified cheesemakers.

So, come on, and let’s learn to make the Laughing Cow cheese and know what makes it a yummy and nutritious snack!

25 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Visitors will operate the machinery and manually measure ingredients.
  • Cognitive Skills: Visitors will follow the instructions of the Zupervisor and understand how an assembly line process works.
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors will be placed in positions of responsibility and will discover the joy of creating something with teamwork.
  • Social Skills: Visitors will be encouraged to be vocal and develop language skills.

Visitors will have to pay 10 kidZos for this role-play profession.

The Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle

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