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  • Burger Chef 

Activity Description
Visitors learn the art to make a delicious Burger. Along the way, they not only learn essential cooking techniques but also sharpen their mathematical abilities through precise measurements and delve into scientific concepts through temperature control. What more? They get to savour the tasty Burgrill Burger made by them!

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Mastering the art of using tools and utensils to craft the perfect, mouthwatering burger.
  • Cognitive Skills: Executing each step of the burger-making process with precision and in a systematic sequence. Recognizing the significance of nutrition and maintaining proper hygiene throughout.
  • Emotional Skills: Cultivating patience, passion, and joy while engaging in the burger-making journey.
  • Social Skills: Collaborating with the chef to absorb valuable techniques and procedures, fostering effective communication and interaction.

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