Harvest Gold Nashta Corner

Create fascinating & edible art at Nashta Corner

Create fascinating & edible art!

Activity Availability

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  • Food Artist
  • Delivery Executive

Activity Description

Food Artist: Making food is an art and styling the food to make it look appealing, tasty and fresh is a skill we all want to master! At Harvest Gold Nashta Corner, visitors get to create fascinating bread art and learn the skills to get the food styling, right!

Delivery Executive: Know the nuances of delivery network, right from sorting the bread type, packing to delivering the right order at the right outlet.

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: The art of using correct tools to comprehend and follow a set of instructions.
  • Cognitive Skills: Setting their imagination free to explore creativity. Accuracy in terms of timing, position, and assessing the situation to think of an innovative idea to save the ecosystem. It’s all about paying attention to details.
  • Emotional Skills: Happiness in terms of executing the job and being able to save the environment.
  • Social Skills: Through teamwork and communication, they use the tools and make the unusual happen. The very act of being able to work together to develop solutions is satisfying! 


  • Kids earn 10 kidZos as Food Artist & Delivery Executive

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