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Green Army Energy Champion

Activity Description
The activity of pedaling a stationed bicycle isn’t just fun, but a Kool experience as it helps generate green energy by pushing the limits at different levels. The Green Army Energy Champions are made aware of the power consumption of various appliances used in day-to-day life and how green energy reduces carbon emissions and helps build a healthy environment & sustainable planet.

20 Minutes

Educational Content

Psychomotor Skills: The activity helps Green Army Energy Champions develop motor skills, balance, and coordination while improving their stamina. 
Cognitive Skills: Green Army Energy Champions understand the concept of energy conversion, measurement, and efficiency as they track the energy they produce and contribute to a positive environmental impact.
Emotional Skills: The activity educates the audience about the importance of renewable energy and its impact on the environment, nurturing their empathy & encouraging green choices to preserve the environment.
Social Skills: The Energy champions are encouraged to take their newfound knowledge of renewable energy and its benefits back home, spreading awareness among their families and friends to ignite a chain reaction of positive change in the environment.

Kids will earn 15 kidZos for this role-play profession.

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