Dubbing Studio

Be the voice behind your favourite toonZ

Dubbing Be the voice of your favorite toonZ

Activity Availability


  • Voice Over Artist

Activity Description
Train as a Voice Over Artist at our new Dubbing Studio and immerse yourself in the lives of ToonZ characters. Modulate your voice, shift your pitch, reflect confidence, and add zest to your favorite characters as you work in groups to bring the cartoon to life.

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills:  Kids will build such skills through the usage of technical equipment to dub voices for their favourite character
  • Cognitive Skills:  Adapting to the style of your favourite toon, remembering the script and following instructions to build cognitive skills
  • Emotional Skills: Kids will feel a sense of accomplishment of having created an animated clip. Being creative and patient to put together the content will also build essential emotional skills
  • Social Skills: Kids will work in synergy to create a fully dubbed cartoon with various people

Kids earn 10 kidZos for their good work as Voice Over Artists.