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Experience the thrill of building a wall

Build the city, one brick at a time

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Green Army Construction Worker

Activity Description
Visitors receive professional training and learn about building structures & building techniques. They get the opportunity to build the structure, understand the process and use their skills to build a wall. The activity allows them to integrate calculation, spatial reasoning, collaboration, and physical strength skills.

15 Minutes

Educational Content

Psychomotor Skills: The activity helps Construction Workers develop visual motor skills and eye-hand coordination as they prepare the materials, build formwork & columns.
Cognitive Skills: Construction Worker understands the layout of a structure & process and works with tools to develop spatial awareness.
Emotional Skills: They develop self-confidence, patience, resilience, and perseverance while completing construction tasks.
Social Skills: Working in groups encourages cooperation, communication, and teamwork skills to execute tasks.

Kids will earn 8 kidZos for this role-play profession.

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