Experience Summer Like Never Before

at KidZania Mumbai & Delhi NCR!

Make this Summer fun for Kids

Are you pumped up for an AWESOME summer at KidZania Mumbai?  
Get ready to bond with your family while exploring tons of
super Kool activities and games! 

And guess what? The fun lasts until 9th Jun 2024 in Mumbai & 1st Jul 2024 in Delhi NCR!
So, don't miss out on the excitement! 

Join us for our Summer mania event, where every day is a new adventure waiting
to happen! Get ready to create memories that'll last a lifetime!
KidZania Mumbai : Till 9 Jun 2024
KidZania Delhi NCR : Till 1st Jul 2024

Get ready for some EPIC fun at our Family Bonds event! Check out these Zuper Kool activities waiting just for you: 

  • Suncatchers: Let your creativity shine with Suncatchers! Craft mesmerizing suncatchers using gelatin plastic, and watch as they sparkle and gleam in the sunlight! 
  • Paper Plate Frisbees: Soar to new heights with Paper Plate Frisbees! Create your own flying discs using paper plates and unleash endless fun with friends and family! 
  • DIY Bird Feeder: Bring nature to your backyard with DIY Bird Feeder! Craft colorful feeders from cardboard or paper, and watch as feathered friends flock to feast in your garden! 
  • Dice and Color Challenge Game: Roll, match, and race to victory in this heart-pounding game ! 
  • Rhythm Grid Jumping (Mumbai Only): Dance, leap, and conquer the colorful grid in this electrifying jumping challenge! 
  • Hula Hoop Relay: Team up, twist, and race to the finish line in this thrilling relay challenge! 
  • Color Matching Challenge: Solve the puzzle, match the colors, and claim victory! 
  • Your Last Step is My First Step Challenge (Mumbai Only): Create a seamless dance routine where every step flows into the next! 

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  • All activities stated above are subject to change, without prior notice  
  • Entry rights and access to facilities inside KidZania Mumbai shall be as per the prevailing terms & conditions 
  • For ticket availability, operating days/hours, detailed T&C or any further details and clarifications please check website or call (8906 444 666)