ZaZ Pizza Shop

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Pizza Make The Tastiest Pizza

Activity Availability

Pizza Chef – Apprentice

Activity Description
Kids delve into the craft of making mouthwatering pizzas, mastering every step from kneading the dough to choosing the perfect toppings. Along the way, they engage in hands-on learning, applying mathematical concepts through precise measurements and exploring the science behind temperature control, understanding how heat influences the baking process. And the ultimate reward? Enjoying their own delightful ZaZ Pizza slice.

Activity Duration
20 Minutes 

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Mastering the use of tools and utensils to make pizza and assemble a delectable pizza.
  • Cognitive Skills: Sequencing tasks in a structured manner, while appreciating the significance of nutrition and hygiene throughout the process.
  • Emotional Skills: Patience, passion, and happiness all wrapped in one pizza-making experience.
  • Social Skills: Interacting with the chef to learn the right methods and processes.

ZaZ Pizza Shop is an Interactive POS, where you need to pay ₹130 & make your own ZaZ Pizza.