KidZania Economy

KidZania has its very own functioning economy to encourage kids to understand financial literacy

Economy KidZos & Zents

KidZania has its own currency, which allows participants to spend their money buying goods and services as clients or earn it through a job. They are denominated "kidZos" , and exist in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. The fractional kidZos were called "Zents" and were issued in 1, 5, 10 and 25 Zents and 1 kidZo coins. . The Zents are no longer in circulation.


Children receive a check of 50 kidZos at their entrance to the city, and can exchange it for cash at the bank, allowing visitors to spend or save their money.

Earning-money Earn kidZos

As in any economic system, goods and services are bought with money, and this, in turn, must be earned as payment in exchange for work. So if a child runs out of kidZos, he will need to work. They must apply for a job and earn a salary; for example, they can be doctors or stylists.


The amount paid for a job varies depending on the economic theory of supply and demand and two other factors: workers can receive greater amounts of kidZos upon graduating from the city's university or becoming citizens through the naturalization program B.KidZanian.

Spending-money Spend kidZos

After changing your check in the bank, our visitors have kidZos to spend in different establishments in KidZania. They can buy goods or hire services. Most of the time these are consumed inside the KidZanian cities, for example: they can buy a pizza at the pizzeria, or spend money to acquire skills. Prices vary according to the principle of supply and demand.

Saving-money Save kidZos

With the use of their kidZos, children learn about bank accounts and can save and earn interest. They learn to manage their kidZos at the bank, running businesses or using the ATM to make cash withdrawals and balance inquiries.


They can also check their balances online as part of the benefits of the B.KidZanian program.

Redeeming-money Redeem kidZos

As a complement to your money management training, KidZania offers a themed redemption program as a shopping experience. This experience is lived in the Department Store, where children can buy attractive items in exchange for the kidZos earned.