Driving School

Learn how to drive safely and get your very first license

Driving-shcool Lessons In Safe Driving

Activity Availability


  • Driver

Activity Description
Get your very first driving license at KidZania. At the Driving School, visitors are trained to drive safely. After taking a driving test, they also get their own license.

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: The visitors will practice their coordination at the driving simulators to pass the test
  • Cognitive Skills: They will need to learn the rules of traffic and driving before applying them practically
  • Emotional Skills: The visitors must cope with an actual examination where they either pass the test or fail it
  • Social Skills: The visitors will learn to interact with a driving trainer and following his or her instructions to learn how to drive properly

Kids will have to pay 10 kidZos to get a driving license.