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Activity Description

At KidZania’s Amity University, students can choose a foundation course in Medicine, Management, Engineering, etc., after which they are awarded a certificate and graduation. Visitors apply and get a degree in the form of University Card.



25 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Kids use their hand-eye co-ordination to perform the roleplay activity
  • Cognitive Skills: Visitors need to remember everything that they have learnt to appear for the test
  • Emotional Skills: Kids feel a sense of achievement after  clearing the tests
  • Social Skills: Working with other students and Zupervisors helps them socialise better. Children learn to coordinate with each other in the University and the city



Kids receive 8 kidZos to learn and graduate at the University. Furthermore, kids earn more in related establishments after getting a Bachelor's, Master's or Ph. D. from the University.


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