Shop at the supermarket, take stock of inventory or attend to customers at the cash counter

Shopping Manage The Supermarket

Activity Availability
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  • Customer
  • Inventory Manager
  • Cashier

Activity Description
Here, kids get a chance to step in to the various roles from a customer shopping at the supermarket to a cashier scanning all products and billing them and managing the stock in the store.

15 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Use the trolley, move around the shop to search for the top-priority on your shopping list. Record the shopping of the people and bill them properly by scanning. Walk around the store and do an inventory check
  • Cognitive Skills: Decode the shopping list and rearrange the same in mind to pick the ones in chronology of their appearance to save time and be efficient. Analyse the shopping items and generate bill. Calculate accurately the number of items and do an inventory check. Report your findings. Critical thinking to follow a shopping list and estimate their expenses around a budget
  • Emotional Skills: Single minded focus to get the things on the shopping list and not be distracted. Sense of accountability as one becomes a cashier or an inventory manager
  • Social Skills: Handling retail market with the biggest audience. Communicate with your team and visitors while handling the rest awaiting their turn

Kids will earn 8 kidZos as cashier or 8 kidZos as inventory manager. The role of a customer is apt for toddlers and is free. Parents can accompany the toddlers if required while they shop.