STEM Academy

Learn to make creative electronic gadgets!

Invent creative electronic gadgets!

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Activity Description
At KidZania’s STEM Academy, kids can  learn to make creative electronic gadgets:

  1. Creative Circuit : In this activity, kids will design small lighting products using basic electronic components and exploring electricity.
  2. PVC Bookshelf : In this activity,  kids  will design and fabricate a prototype of a bookshelf using PVC accessories for a specific end user
  3. Geared Car : In this activity, kids  will design and test the model of a car for different gear combinations.
  4. Robotic Arm : In this activity, kids will program and test a robotic arm for a specific real life application.

30 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Children use tools while making models that develops their motor skills.
  • Congnitive Skills: Following instructions to design each interactive model.
  • Emotional Skills: Perseverance to create a unique model. Accomplishment for completing the task.       
  • Social Skills: During the program, children share their ideas with trainers, team mates and with spectators as well.
  • Language Skills: Visitors learn to coordinate with each other while working together as a team. They also learn about the elements and prototype.

Kids earn 10 KidZos