The first citizens of KidZania representing our values and the rights of all kids

Rightzkeepers RightZKeepers of KidZania

RightZKeepers are the first KidZanians or CitiZens of KidZania representing the values of KidZania and the rights of every child. Each RightZKeeper protects a specific right, and together all five represent the 'right to be'.

The children visiting KidZania all over the world are responsible for making them immortal to ensure that KidZania Rights would be cared for and remembered forever.

Meet Our RightZKeepers



Entrusted with the Right to Know

Age: 9
Birthday: April 23
Height: 1.27 m
Weight: 30 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Green
Favorite Food: Hamburger
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Collecting rare items, video games and soccer

A deep thinker, positive and optimistic. Urbano is lively, active and tries to always keep himself occupied. He is clever and original, and loves to make inventions or conduct experiments, which go well when they don’t result in explosions. He also likes action and adventure, so when he is not fumbling with some gadget, he spends his time skate-boarding and riding his bike. Urbano is a whirlwind of creativity, originality and energy, and once he sets his mind on something, it is quite difficult to steer him in another direction.





Entrusted with the Right to Care

Age: 7
Birthday: June 5
Height: 1.22 m
Weight: 27 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Yogurt ice-cream, strawberries, salad
Favorite Color: Green
Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, board games, arts and craft

Vita’s dreams and ideals are reflected in everything she says and does. Her love for all living beings becomes evident through her kindness and sweetness. Despite her young age, her dreamy personality and her naiveté, Vita is a profound thinker. She doesn’t care much for fashion and prefers colourful clothes that reflect her optimism and cheerfulness. Besides, comfy clothes are a must when you spend so much time in the outside. When she is not enjoying nature and taking care of plants and animals, she spends her time with her best friend Chika, her brother Urbano, and their pet dog Bache. Vita is the younger sibling, but sometimes her sense of organization, responsibility and, well, just common sense, make it seem as if she were the one who takes care of her headstrong older brother.




Entrusted with the Right to Play

Age: 1
Birthday: May 28
Breed: Blue Hound
Weight: 15 kg
Eye Color:  Black    
Hair Color: Blue
Favorite Food: All foods, especially pizza
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobbies: Chewing found objects, looking at funny pictures

Bache is Urbano and Vita’s pet dog. He is an affectionate, blue dog. When he is not playing he's eating. He'll eat just about anything, including French-fries, shoes and tennis rackets. But his favourite is definitely pizza. And, when he's not running Bache loves to stand on two legs. It's almost like he's imitating Urbano. He is smart and fearless, except when Vita catches him burying bones in her garden. If you could ask Bache what he dreams about besides bones, pizza and chocolate – he would want for every kid in the world to be as happy as he is. After all, Bache isn’t like most dogs.





Entrusted with the Right to Share

Age: 10
Birthday: July 30
Height: 1.29 m                        
Weight: 31 kg
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Pink
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobbies: Making friends, texting, modeling, shopping, emailing

Chika is sociable and incredibly easy to befriend. Her cheerfulness is just infectious, it’s impossible to be with her without having fun. She is a little absent-minded, very spontaneous, and will always speak her mind. She loves fashion and is not shy about experimenting with crazy, flamboyant combinations. She usually gets ideas from manga and anime characters, but she has her own style and no matter what she wears, her outfit will always reflect her personality. Chika loves technology and gadgets. It is not strange to find her singing out loud and dancing to the music in her earphones, but what she loves the most about her phone is that she can stay in touch with her friends and, she has got lots of them.




Entrusted with the Right to Create

Age: 10
Birthday: October 25
Height: 1.35m
Weight: 39 kg
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Fish, chips, vanilla ice-cream
Favorite Color: Orange
Hobbies: Fishing, listening to music, playing base guitar, drawing

Beebop is the very embodiment of cool. He loves skateboarding, music, and urban life in general. He is laid-back and easy-going. He may seem a little shy because he doesn`t speak much, but actually, this is because he is very clever and is constantly analysing things, so he always says the right thing at the right moment. In spite of being only 10, he is very sensitive and a very talented artist: he writes poetry and draws his own comic books.