Visitors learn to become a professional magician & perform magic show

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Activity Availability
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  • Magic Apprentice
  • ​Magic Show Performer

Activity Description

  • Magic Apprentice- Become a professional magician in KidZania. Like many other careers, it requires intense training, knowledge, talent and a lot of practice. Head to Kruti Parekh’s Magic Academy and learn what it takes to become a magician. Learn magic tricks, develop your magic skills, grow in creativity and confidence, discover tips and techniques to improve your magical act!
  • Magic Show Performer- Magic is a performing art that entertains audiences by staging tricks or creating illusions. And now, when you’ve mastered the skills, it’s time to perform! Wear your magician’s cape, swing in the wand and fascinate the audience with your spectacular magic tricks. 

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Learn to coordinate with both your hands while performing the tricks.
  • Language Skills: Understand the instructions and how to communicate with the audience.
  • Cognitive Skills: Know the right technique to apply the tricks.
  • Creative and Social Skills: Work on the new ideas / tricks to fascinate the audience. 


  • Magic Apprentice- Visitors will pay 10 kidZos to enroll in Kruti Parekh’s Magic Academy
  • Magic Show Performer-Visitors will earn 10 kidZos for becoming a Magic Show Performer

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