Fun Indoor Games For Kids

60+ role-playing adventures in a safe, secure, indoor environment

Discover the importance and benefits of fun indoor activities for kids by bringing your little ones to KidZania Delhi NCR located near the GIP Mall, Noida or KidZania Mumbai located in R City mall. Indoor activities are a fun and easy way to keep kids active. These activities allow kids to explore their world on their own terms. Indoor games and free play ideas enable kids to interact with other kids and get busy playing, increasing a child's productive time.


In order to inspire and educate kids through real-life role-playing activities, KidZania India has introduced the concept of an indoor theme park, a secured, interactive hub that empowers and educates kids through role-playing activities. This theme park is almost built like a city by integrating reality with entertainment. The indoor games park is the size of 7 Olympic swimming pools, complete with paved roads, battery operated cars, buildings, a functioning economy and its very own currency.


KidZania Delhi NCR and KidZania Mumbai represent industries present in the real world like private services, public services, entertainment, airline, automobile, retail, restaurants and factories where children can play different roles that they dream of, like that of a Pilot, Surgeon, Detective, Chef, Engineer, TV producer, Radio Jockey, Car Mechanic and many more. Take a look at the activities the kids can enjoy and participate in. Let your child explore the actor in him/her. Family indoor games are also integrated along with kids’ indoor games. So, you and your child can have a lot of fun and learning.