Acting Academy

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Activity Description
Ever imitated your favourite actor in front of the mirror? At KidZania, we are rolling-out the red carpet and invite you and your kids to take the opportunity to learn acting in our very own Acting Academy. Here you can rehearse lines and perform live on stage, living your dream of being a superstar. During performances, family and friends can sit in the 100 seater KidZania Theatre.

30-45 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills:  Learning the art of acting and dancing helps the child to express in a better way
  • Cognitive Skills:  It helps to adapt the style, learning to imitate with precision and also improve the child’s memory by remembering dialogues and steps
  • Emotional Skills: Expressing the nine emotions the human being captures and also learn to change moods according to various scenes
  • Social Skills: Helps to interact with people on stage, impress the audience and also get applauded for the confidence and strong stage presence

Kids receive 12 kidZos for their work as an Actor / Performer.

Did You Know?

  • Acting requires a wide range of skills, including clarity of speech, vocal projection, physical expression, displaying emotions, using your imagination, and the ability to interpret drama
  • The first silent feature film made in India was Raja Harishchandra in 1913 and Alam Ara was the first Indian sound film in 1931 directed by Ardeshir Irani