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Natural Disaster Training Institute

Create an evacuation plan in case of natural disasters and get trained in disaster management techniques

Natural-disaster Get Trained In Managing Emergencies

Activity Availability


  • Trainee

Activity Description
Earthquakes can happen anywhere and everywhere. To help people dealing with such emergency situations, the Natural Disaster Training Institute was formed. Kids get a training on actions need to be conducted during and after an earthquake happens.

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: The visitors will require motor skills, hand eye coordination and a sense of balance to complete the activity
  • Cognitive Skills: The visitors will need to follow instructions to the cue
  • Emotional Skills: They’ve to cope with the stress of the training drill before feeling the joy and satisfaction of accomplishing the task
  • Social Skills: Listening to the Zupervisor and working in a team

Kids will have to pay 10 kidZos for this activity.