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City Clock

Learn what makes a mechanical clock tick

City-clock The Clock Strikes the Hour

Activity Availability


  • Performer

Activity Description
The City Clock hires Dancers to perform the City Clock dance every hour, when the clock strikes the hour, on the balcony across the Theater. Kids will come together to perform a show for visitors around the City Clock to enjoy.

15 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Psychomotor skills in the form of movement coordination and use of the body in dance and musical performance
  • Cognitive Skills: Memorising the steps matching the rhythm and performing accurately
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors need to get in touch with their inner self to complete this activity on time. A good attitude and happiness for telling a happy hour
  • Social Skills: Interaction and communication while performing the dance steps making it cheerful event and to helps in drawing attention

Kids earn a salary of 10 kidZos as Performers.